First Sponsors and Pavilion Plans

Our 150th year is upon us.

As a small club, fundraising is always an effort.  We had a lively annual dinner in the historic social home of the club, the Neeld Arms, last night – and will raise some £300.00 from that event.

Grafton Jones GCC Donation 1But, much more significantly, we have secured the first major sponsor for GCC150. 
Grafton Jones, an accountancy firm in the Chippenham, Keynsham and Bristol areas, has strong connections with the club, and Trudy Josey, their financial director, presented a cheque for £500 to Andrew Carrington, the outgoing club Chairman at the dinner.

We have also received a significant donation of £400 from another company with strong links to the club: SCISYS – a Chippenham based software company.

What are we going to spend this money on?
Our main target is to add a sympathetic dormer and clock to our pavilion, which is itself over 100 years old.  We now have some initial plans drawn up by one of our ex-players and captains, “Binary” Inchley, who we bribed with a portion of toad-in-the-hole and a pint of  bitter to design and draw up the plans as shown below – let us know what you think..


Things are happening, momentum gaining, stay tuned, get involved….


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